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Exhale Joy seminars


Are you sad, fatigued, lacking a sense of purpose? Try Find Your Joy Seminars, Personal Coaching and Counseling; Invest in You! A few hours will change your life

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Find Your Joy


What you think about affects your body, mind and spirit. Using journaling and/or photo chronology techniques you are inspired to find and capture joy in your everyday living.

This seminar first helps you to identify everyday joys in your life, pursue and capture events in your personalized journal.

No one is responsible for your happiness but do you know how to find it for yourself? Discover who you are; take a personal inventory of your passions, interest’s, thoughts and uniqueness. Begin to design your life and have it reflect the essence of who you are and begin to create moments for joy


Many of us carry a story, especially if we have encountered disappointment and trauma. Stories of our past which now affect our present life; who we are, what we do and think. This approach helps you to realize your current story and begin to envision and map out a new one filled with hope and achievement.

What we think we believe, what we believe we act on.

Everyone has a life story, one that reflects your past and current circumstances. Are you happy with yours, the way it is today? Did you know that you can change your story? Learn how and change your life!


A dynamic format for a creative and visual portrayal of desired goals; mapping out life plans in specific or varied areas.

Do you have a vision for your life? ; … Use of a creative and effective technique to make your plans become a reality.