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Lifted- Guest Alison Wiley - 2011

Allison has a heart to Heart discussion about her book, Lifted, a personal account from the life of Allison Wiley that broke a marriage, threatened lives, and challenged her faith. Host Loraine Regisford

Making a Difference, Foster Care with Lois - 2011

Thousands of children enter and are livng within the Foster Care system. This program discusses the benefits and challenges of Foster Care

The Ontario Table- Guest Lynn Ogryzlo, Best selling Food Authour - 2011

Celebrated Canadian and International Best Selling Cook Book Aurthur; an exploration of 109 recipes each with stories of growers, stories of regions, pictures of dishes and of agricultural landscapes- Host Loraine Regisford

The Real Meaning of Christmas- with Pastor Flight - 2011

Beyond the Tinsel and parties; what is Christmas and why do we celebrate

Welcome: Introductions - Dr. Vidoll and Loraine Regisford, September 2011

Inaugural show highlighting focus and mission of Life Matters

Marriage: The Social and Economic Cost of Marital Breakdown, 2011

Discussions on marital breakdown and it's impact on society and family

Education: Getting Ready For Back to School (Part I), September 2011

Discussions on back to school with special guest

Education: Getting Ready For Back to School (Part II), September 2011

Discussions on back to school with guest Valerie Mitchell - Host Loraine Regisford

Health: Redesigning your Grocery Basket Allison Tannis, 2011

Redesigning your Grocery Basket Allison Tannis - Nutritionist/author of 4 books, Host Loraine Regisford

Health: The Facts About Breast Cancer, 2011

The Facts About Breast Cancer

Development: The Journey to Discovery, 2011

A personal testimony of discovery and overcoming life challenges

Pregnancy: Fetal Neural Tube Defect Spina Bifida, 2011

Shedding light on Fetal Neural Tube Defect Spina Bifida

Media: Courageous - Movie Promotion, 2011

Courageous - Movie Promotion with actor Kevin Downes - Host Loraine Regisford

A Million Matches- Guest Amelia Philips - 2011

Million Matches is a NEW personalized matchmaking service that uses networks of friends to match make singles looking for committed, long-term relationships. This wonderful discussion with Amelia Philips-Lewis addresses the issues of dating

Christmas Again- Guest Dian Phillip, certified Wedding and Event Specialist - 2011

Party planning and etiquette tips to help make your special occasions easy, seamless and enjoyable! Host Loraine Regisford

Christmas Family Matters with Vidoll and Loraine - 2011

Christmas can be one of the most stressful and challenging holidays for family and friends. Vidoll answers questions about how tonavigate those emotional 'land mines' with peace

Empty Nesting with Loraine, Mitsy and Angie - 2011

A frank an open discussion about the real transition of Empty Nesting; when the children leave

How to Make Right Decisions Part I with Pastor Charles Lawrence - 2011

This two part program discusses how to go about making right decisions; what thoughts, actions and considerations need to be in place

Integrity- Guest Sharon Riley - 2011

"In the fall of 1990, Sharon Riley was looking to a career in music education, and as a regular avocation singing the Gospel music she'd heard and loved all of her life. But those plans were short-circuited one autumn day in the most violent of ways when a severe car accident caused massive injuries to Sharon's left hip and right calf. She was rendered virtually crippled, with her prospects of ever walking again uncertain at best. Listen as Sharon recounts her journey to success post her accident.